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Ernesto vs. Bastian - Thrill (Reflecting Diversity Mix)

The 50 th' Release from Hcr record label! Remix of the anthem of Trance Energy 2008! It's a good tune. But not the best TE anthem, that's for sure.

The illustrious duo have a great start of 2008 as their forthcoming single ‘Thrill’ has been selected by ID&T to feature as theme for this years Trance Energy event.

Old news for whoever has been visiting the Trance Energy website the last few weeks, but still big news for Ernesto and Bastian!
The release will be released on January 18th on all formats. There will also be remixes, but for more news on this check our website regularly for updates.

With their new album ‘Authenticity’ hitting the stores early March, it looks like this is going to be a busy year for the guys! Of course the album will contain the Trance Energy anthem ‘Thrill’ and their classic ‘Dark Side of the Moon’. Aside that the album features exclusive unreleased material.

07:15 min | 9.04 MB | 320 kbps

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